Hell Revisited

A Reflection on Holocaust Remembrance Day Hi all! Today marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp known as Auschwitz by the Russian Red Army. I feel this is too important a topic not to discuss in depth, as the memories of the Holocaust are in danger of being forever lost to […]

Suicide and Heaven…Is there hope for victims?

A guest blog by William Hemsworth Hi all! It is with a great deal of honor that I introduce today’s guest blogger. William Hemsworth is a blogger, author, speaker, and Catholic apologist. He wrote this powerful piece about suicide and has graciously allowed us to share it. Please share with anyone who needs to read […]

I Tried My Best

A Short Story by Mary C. Wallace     “The clouds, strange. They’re gathering again. Not as dark as they were there though. Here,…hm. They never really get… although, they did last year. True. I’d almost forgotten. If only,—what’s the use. I’ve been over this a hundred times. More than that I daresay. Every day. […]

Well…That Sucked

Hi All! I have to be honest… Friday was not a good day. I woke up with the worst depressive symptoms I have had in a long time. I had this feeling of utter hopelessness and lack of energy to even move. To even get my cat Snowball off of me took a massive effort. […]

Faith vs. Fear

A guest blog by Michelle Fear. We all struggle with it. That four letter word that keeps us back from our dreams and at the same time is necessary in order to preserve our very lives. It’s New Years Eve 2019 today. A new year offers opportunity for reflection, for a fresh start, and in […]