An Advent Reflection by Michelle

Advent When it comes to mental health and the Holidays, things can get a little tricky.No doubt stress exists in a season and a year such as it’s been in 2020.Make straight the path for Him. As we make room in our hearts for Jesus during this Advent season, I think of how many more […]

Mental Health Tips for the Holidays – A Brief List

Hello dear reader! It’s holiday time again and with Covid in the picture it’s more important than ever to maintain good mental health. In this post I have compiled a brief list of mental health tips you can practice during the holiday season. 1. Plan Ahead It’s easy to say YES to everything and take […]

We Stayed the Course – A Poem by Mary C. Wallace

       FOR HOLY PRIESTS    (And Laymen Who Are              Discerning)    WHO MAY FIND THEIR          CONSCIENCES            CONFLICTED       Once again, I did not write this unassisted, but was guided by a more Celestial mind and hand.✨ […]