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about us

Hello and welcome! Thank you for visiting our site! So about us…we are a growing group of Catholic Christians that have come together to create a community. We will be sharing blogs, testimonies, poems, stories, and anything else that can bring inspiration and hope to others. At the heart of our ministry is the goal of providing a voice to Christians suffering from mental health issues.

This community was founded on the premise that God loves you in your brokenness. He is always there to offer His mercy, peace and joy. Although this is a mainly Catholic Christian site, all are welcome here to share and express their opinions.

We do not provide professional resources. We are not an official support group. None of the content presented here should be used to form a diagnosis. Only a medical professional can officially diagnose mental illness. On our Resources page you will find links for your reference. Please seek doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists for medical care. Use of this site is an agreement to the above paragraph.

Lastly keep checking back on the site! We are always growing and adding new content. My hope is that by the grace of God this community truly touches lives. God Bless and thanks for reading about us. Please visit our Reources page at https://thebeholdproject.com/resources/ for additional information and https://www.biblegateway.com for additional Bible verses and study. God Bless.

-Brian Caley

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