An Advent Reflection by Michelle



When it comes to mental health and the Holidays, things can get a little tricky.
No doubt stress exists in a season and a year such as it’s been in 2020.Make straight the path for Him. As we make room in our hearts for Jesus during this Advent season, I think of how many more times I could have prayed “Come, Holy Spirit. Come, Lord Jesus.”My failsafe.

If you have not been to Mass in a while, I encourage you to just go.If you have never been to Mass, I invite you to go.Experience the fullness of Faith in this Christian Season of tidings and joy.
Just round the corner I turn 30. I reflect back and think, boy have I come a long way. Mentally, spiritually, physically, in every way. God has blessed me to be on this planet for this time!I am grateful for the people in my life, and for all my opportunities, for my safety, my comfort, and my blessings in life, for Our Lord Jesus, and Our Mother Mary.
May God Bless you this Advent season!


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