We Stayed the Course – A Poem by Mary C. Wallace

       FOR HOLY PRIESTS    (And Laymen Who Are              Discerning)    WHO MAY FIND THEIR          CONSCIENCES            CONFLICTED       Once again, I did not write this unassisted, but was guided by a more Celestial mind and hand.✨ […]

Wandering Thoughts – A Poem By Hannah Halliday

Oh how my thoughts do race Must put on a happy face In this world you can’t be blue It’s not what they expect from you But is the person that you see Just who I am told to be Must act like everything is right Though my mind wants to fight A brain filled […]

I Tried My Best

A Short Story by Mary C. Wallace     “The clouds, strange. They’re gathering again. Not as dark as they were there though. Here,…hm. They never really get… although, they did last year. True. I’d almost forgotten. If only,—what’s the use. I’ve been over this a hundred times. More than that I daresay. Every day. […]