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Christmas crosses

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Hi all! 🙂 Christmastime is almost upon us! Perhaps a month and three weeks away, or so! It brings so much joy, family time, memories come alive, people are at their most giving, and of course, we also have presents and good food to enjoy! But what does this season really, truly represent? Well, this quote sums it all up, for the most part:

“Jesus is the reason for the season.”


“The joy of Christmas is not in the presents, but in His Presence.”

Sound cliché? Well, usually the most repeated truths sound so, but why? Because they hold great truth! ^_^

For many, Christmas can be a time when depressive symptoms peak. So what do I mean by joy, or family time? What if someone can’t find joy because they are missing a lost loved one, or are at odds with relatives of theirs? Memories come alive – what if that is the very thing that haunts them the most? Giving, presents, good food – what if they have none of that, and there is a painful reminder every year of this lacking? No presents to give or receive, no good food to enjoy with anyone, because there is no one to celebrate with? See what I mean? Sometimes we think we will never end up in these situations. But sometimes, life takes a different turn for various possible reasons.

Though, problems always come with solutions. Don’t fear that this article will be sappy or just plain depressing. What did we say before? Who is the reason for the season?

Christmas is the celebration of your life in Christ. THAT is what has to be the most profound for us in this season and every other, but we are still in an earthly existence, hence Christmas can be a poignant season if we are constantly reminded of our strife. But Jesus can heal you, and He can soothe your aching heart, He can ease your most pained emotions. What if this season is the one where you pray your way out of this, and into His Hand? Why do you feel this way, have you been walking hand in hand with the Lord lately?

Maybe this is a chance to make connections, or even re-establish them with estranged loved ones in your life. (I am addressing bigger stressors right now and will address the smaller ones next.) Spend the holiday at a soup kitchen, or at a Church event, or even with your neighbors, if you are truly by yourself. Or if you have family, could you maybe suggest these possibilities to them? Warm everyone’s hearts with something small, as most of us cannot afford bigger gifts for too many people. A handmade card, maybe? Could you buy some bargain beads plus string and make someone a bracelet? Things like that! I have a whole slew of suggestions, please reach out to me if you need any ideas! ?

It is not the material things that are most significant, though. It is what you do to show your love to all whom surround you. Remember, people will forget what you said or what you did, but they will NEVER forget how you made them feel.

Smaller stressors such as affording gifts and preparing food, and not accidentally leaving anyone out, etc. – that stress can really dampen the holiday for you! That’s another reason why many dread this season. I have more minor suggestions for these things, as they are more minor matters, but I do understand the stress. Trust me, it is about making Jesus and everyone else whom you love happy, and you, of course! So why not get bargain gifts on, bargain food at Aldi’s or Walmart, and write down in a journal everyone you know, so that you can circle the names of those closest to you for them to receive a gift? Many of us have to trim our budgets, but it is so easy for some people (like me) to want to gift the whole world! There are solutions, I can promise you that, we just have to find them – and nope, they are not as difficult to find as a needle in a haystack! ?

And please, never forget the homeless. Could you put little bags together for them with mini hygiene products and some snacks? They sell them by the bulk at wholesale stores like Costco’s, for example! Please let me know if you have any questions about my suggestions or anything I have said here, and may God bless your Christmas! <3

-Zahra Marie ❤️

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