God the Great Healer

God the Healer

Hi all, Zahra Marie here πŸ™‚ Today I want to talk about God as the healer in our lives.

I recently learned that I have been very sick all of these years not so much due to hypothyroidism, but to having a liver and kidneys that are chalk full of toxins due to taking 20 pills daily for 20 years. I will be undergoing treatment for it starting very soon.

Toxins can be in the body and in the foods we eat, even. But they can also be in the mind and the spirit. I had been wondering for a very long time why some of my friendships didn’t work. Then I realized, it was God trying to get those toxins (ex-friends) out of my life. Those people made me miserable and I never knew I could feel such freedom upon realizing that they’re gone for good, and for the right reasons. Toxins can be healed by God above all, but also with what he provides us with. It is true that He is the One Who is the healer of all. πŸ™‚

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