“I am with you always”…A promise from God

I am with you always

I will admit that there are times my symptoms get the better of me.

I have dark thoughts and dreams, and I have to struggle to get out of bed. Perhaps this is a situation you can relate to, dear reader. Yet in the midst of my sufferings I take solace in the fact that Jesus told his followers, “I am with you always, until the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20)

This isn’t just a saying or words written down ages ago. This is a promise from the mouth of Jesus Christ himself to his disciples as he was getting ready to go back to the Father. Jesus knew his disciples were scared; after all they were commanded to proclaim His word to the four corners of the Earth and leave Israel behind. How could they not be afraid? They were leaving behind thier homes, their families, their jobs, ect. But Jesus would not send his disciples on a fool’s errand. The Holy Spirit would be coming at Pentecost to give the disciples strength, courage, and the fortitude to speak God’s truth in public places.

Christians with mental illness can call upon that same Holy Spirit when depression or anxiety is overwhelming. Even a short prayer, like “Come Holy Spirit”, will suffice. The Nicene Creed calls the Holy Spirit “The Lord, the Giver of Life.” These words ring true for the past 2000 years; The Holy Spirit is always there to give light and life to those suffering.

I am especially reminded of this in light of last week, which was Suicide Prevention Week. Suicide is a subject that needs to be discussed at length. I do plan on addressing it in a future blog entry. I will say that the Jesus is even there when you have the urge to take your life. He is there to lead you back home.

I pray that in your darkest times, you reach out to the Holy Spirit to fill your heart. May He enkindle the fire of His love in you. Remember “I am with you always” means no matter what the circumstances, Jesus is there.

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