A Bit of the Old Music Therapy for Mental Illness

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A reflection from Brian on a number of things

Hi dear reader! Hope you are doing well in the midst of this pandemic. I for one am doing my best to keep a well-balanced routine and seeing daily mass online. I am also keeping my mental health symptoms at bay using therapy, both my professional therapist and self-therapy. For me, self-therapy consists mainly a bit of the old music therapy, and that includes several genres of music, from Beethoven to Symphony X to Paul Oakenfold. One item I wanted to share with you today is a mostly unknown item called Hooked on Classics:

HOOKED ON CLASSICS - [256 Kbps] - YouTube

For those unfamiliar, take a listen here:


It’s various snippets of classical music set to a simple kick-track, giving it a sing-songy almost disco feel. Some may like it, others may loathe it, but personally I love it. There’s something to be said of its simplistic yet effective approach.

Few things can be better than listening to good classical music on a great sound system. The way the bass kicks and the trebles all mix together on the tracks is a wonderous experience, especially when it’s balanced perfectly. Even a store-brand soundbar will do the trick nicely.

There’s also the nostalgia bonus that goes with it. Like most great songs or pieces of music, this one has tons for me. Whenever I hear it, I can still smell my grandmother’s corn muffins baking and mixing with my aunt’s coffee smell. I can still taste the muffins and coffee together while I didn’t have a care in the world. A simpler time to be sure, one that will never be seen again in this lifetime.

It’s simple comforts like this that will get us through these times of trial. I hope to expound on more musical therapy pieces as time goes by. So what say you dear reader? What have you been doing to stay sane? As always thanks for reading and God bless!


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