Prayers for life: How to Overcome Sadness and Depression

Prayers for Life

Hello dear reader! It gives me great honor to introduce this week’s guest video blog entry. Angela Enos is a retired worship leader, and children and youth pastor. Angela is the founder of Prayers for Life, an online prayer school. Her powerful teachings and prayers energize and encourage God’s people, bringing them to a place of healing, joy, and victory. Angela has also recently begun Writers for Life, a place where emerging authors come to find success. Visit her website and learn more about Angela, her teachings, and how you too can find your path to victory. Angela can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, all at Angela Enos Live.

“My true heart is to see believers in Christ empowered to live a life of victory. God’s desire is to see His people healed and empowered. I too suffered from depression and I have overcome that monster and have found a place of pure joy. I am here to help and encourage God’s people.  
Here is a very short bio and some links to my website, where people can learn much more about me and my ministry. I am honored to encourage and pray for The Behold Project, as I know that God has many great things for your followers.  Please see my teaching about Overcoming Sadness and Depression at Prayers for Life below:

For more information about Prayers for Life please see the links below:

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In His Service, Angela Enos

Author, Motivational Speaker,Founder, Prayers for Life