Hi everyone, Zahra here! I hope you have all been well this week! ? I have learned a lot in RCIA class. What is RCIA, you ask? It stands for Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. Also it is a class for people joining the Church, or coming back to the Church. It can also be for cradle Catholics like me who never had the chance to receive First Communion or Confirmation. I am working on the two sacraments mentioned above in RCIA!

I have learned a lot, as I said, such as the fundamentals of Christianity, the history of the Church, the lives of saints, etc. But I want to talk about something that is the most profound thing I have learned there. I learned to pray to the Holy Spirit in Jesus’s Name. It works wonders. Also I have been doing that, and so many of my problems have been unraveling themselves. It is thanks to the Holy Trinity. ?

So, to be more specific, what this means is putting your full faith in the Holy Spirit and Jesus to work in tandem to help you obtain your intention. The way I say it is, “Holy Spirit, in Jesus’s Name, I ask that (state petition here).” It has helped me to have the ability to sort out issues that were not necessarily under my control, such as a school issue, a finances issue, health issues, etc. This prayer has taken care of the part that I as a human being cannot, and it has given me the ability to take care of the parts that I can. This prayer has changed my life!

Our theologian explained that it is the most powerful way to pray, besides the Rosary. I see thanks to RCIA it is true!

Thank you so much for reading this passage, I hope to update you soon on my progress in RCIA!

-Zahra ❤️

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