Don’t Let Your Illness Take Away What You Love!

Sometimes, things happen that don’t make a lick of sense. Sometimes, when we’re walking down the road, minding our own business, we end up in weird places without realising it and it can cause a lot of damage. This happened to me quite recently. Sunday morning, right before I went to bed, the mental hellhounds […]

What if You Received the Eucharist for the Last Time

A Guest Post by Bill Snyder Hello dear reader! It gives me great joy to introduce today’s guest blogger, Bill Snyder. Bill is the founder and president of Patchwork Heart Ministries, a ministry seeking to draw the youth of today into a loving relationship with Jesus Christ. He also has a podcast named Sewing Hope, […]

What Doubting Thomas Can Teach Us All About Faith and Mental Illness

 The story of Doubting Thomas is one we are all, no doubt, familiar with.   Thomas refused to believe the Apostles had seen the resurrected Lord until he could see him with his own eyes and touch him with his own hands.  Imagine the situation the Apostles found themselves in after the Crucifixion. Their […]

Zahra’s Zeal – Mental Illness and Burying the Burden of Envy

Proverbs 14:30; “A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.” The only time the color green looks good on a woman is when she is sporting a nice tone of green on a piece of garment or some accessory, or even a classy hue of green eye shadow. But when […]

A Bit of the Old Music Therapy for Mental Illness

A reflection from Brian on a number of things Hi dear reader! Hope you are doing well in the midst of this pandemic. I for one am doing my best to keep a well-balanced routine and seeing daily mass online. I am also keeping my mental health symptoms at bay using therapy, both my professional […]

The Paradox of Presence: How Christ Draws Near Me In Mental Illness

A guest blog by Sophia Swinford Every day, G-d seems to fall further away from me. Or maybe I am the one falling. My mind reaches and grasps but the light turns to darkness beneath my palms. So I turn my hands over, palms up. The light tickles my fingertips, and I fight against the […]

Who Are You? Not your Mental Illness!

A Reflection on Identity by Rea Okerberg When I ask you, ‘who are you?’ what’s your immediate answer? Right off the bat, I’m sure you’re thinking, ‘My name? My favourite hobbies?’ No. None of these things. I asked this question on social media earlier and the answers I received back was fascinating with how varied […]

The Top 5 Things NOT cancelled during a pandemic

A reflection on the Coronavirus Hi all! Like everyone reading this I too am affected by the Corona virus pandemic. A new way of life has been thrust upon us. Events at churches and major venues are being cancelled. As for myself, dear reader, I am now to work from home indefinitely. But do not […]