Mental Health Tips for the Holidays – A Brief List

Hello dear reader! It’s holiday time again and with Covid in the picture it’s more important than ever to maintain good mental health. In this post I have compiled a brief list of mental health tips you can practice during the holiday season. 1. Plan Ahead It’s easy to say YES to everything and take […]

Seasonal Depression; or It’s not just the winter blues

“Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand.” –Mother Teresa Hi everyone! I shall start this post with an apology; I have been a bit overwhelmed with life and depression and anxiety and all the rest of it; thus I haven’t had the time nor the energy to […]

Christmas Crosses We Bear

Zahra’s Zeal Hi all! 🙂 Christmastime is almost upon us! Perhaps a month and three weeks away, or so! It brings so much joy, family time, memories come alive, people are at their most giving, and of course, we also have presents and good food to enjoy! But what does this season really, truly represent? […]