Lullabye – part 3

A short story by M. C. Wallace    It must have been close to two in the morning when Karen snuck out of her room and down the hall to the stairs. “Not a creature was stirring, not even…”Whoops!  Okay, so a security guard was stirring, so what. What does that prove. He was not […]

Lullabye – Part 2

A short story by M. C. Wallace    That evening at dinner she and Nick were discussing their days over baked salmon and glazed baby carrots. “So Terence decides to put the tarantula in Fred’s top desk drawer,” Nick says, relating a prank one of his office colleaguesplayed upon another, “but does Fred come back? […]

Lullabye – A Short Story By M. C. Wallace

Part 1 The day was starting to drag a bit for Therese as she stopped to look in the shop window. Karen had begged off on their originally planned lunch date due to a chronic migraine, leaving Therese to wile away four hours that afternoon by herself. Nick wouldn’t be home till six and she […]