Wandering Thoughts – A Poem By Hannah Halliday

Wandering thoughts

Oh how my thoughts do race

Must put on a happy face

In this world you can’t be blue

It’s not what they expect from you

But is the person that you see

Just who I am told to be

Must act like everything is right

Though my mind wants to fight

A brain filled with Anxiety

Oh if you could only see

Gathering darkness in my mind

Happiness seems far behind

Mental health brings lots of Pain

How I hate this dreadful game

Sometimes it makes me want to die

Away from this I want to fly

Memories of a broken past

Hit me like an icy blast

Shaking crying in my bed

Flashback stuck inside my head

Depression rears its ugly face

And we’re off on another race

This is one that I must win

Cannot lose, must hang in

But on the low and weaker day

I just want to run away

I feel the water overhead

And wonder what it’d be like dead.

I get so down that I feel lost

But losing has an awful cost

I can’t help the way I am

And Sometimes I don’t give a damn

Go ahead think what you will

Gossiping if that’s your thrill

I’ll still fight this mental war

Depression will not get the score

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