We Stayed the Course – A Poem by Mary C. Wallace

stay the course


(And Laymen Who Are              Discerning)   


      Once again, I did not write this unassisted, but was guided by a more Celestial mind and hand.✨

    —-Mary C Wallace

We Stayed The         🛡  Course  🛡                    🗡
So many of us disappoint  You now,

Lord,I live in fear of doing    just the same.

I vow I’ll never leave this   narrow pathon which You’ve set    my feet for Your acclaim.

They come to me,   distractions diabolic,

And oftentimes I find   that I just stare;and blinded,

unenthused,without sensation,

My thoughts and prayers   in vainI’m unaware

Of just how close he’s   crept upon my shadow

where I, now kneeling   before You, am bowed,

Until I try to rise,   proceeding toward You

for Consecration, then!   I see his scowl!

Besieged by demons    hungry to devour me,I quiet pray,

their stealth   approach to hear;

pronouncing verses   promised to dispel them,

from long ago and ever 

Ancient Tears.

My mind confused,

though   hoodwinked,

I press   onward,

as though to forge a path   against his hell,

by force of will,

refusing   all abuses

I lift You up on High,   

I hear the bells!

Mid torches ‘loft and   

lances at the ready,

as though I were a soldier

in the rush,

I gallop forward at    

the Herald’s signal,

a thousand of us   

in the Morning’s hush!

My soul cries out to You! 

 The battle rages;in fury,

tempest, smoke   and Blood we’re borne,

toward that horizon 

 whereupon You’re   hanging,

For all our soul’s Salvation   before dawn.

Think not of what you’ve 

 left behind in this world,of love or friend or   property,

be done;

For up ahead beyond the 

 Death of Darkness

Lies all our joyous 

 Vict’ry in the Son!

I kneel before You, now, 

 my Lord, so humbly,

For You’re according me   

this Valor won;

I Hail and Praise You, 

 Mighty King, Redeemer!

To You, the Glory All!   

Your Shepherd son.✨

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